SPS Commerce Training Center

SPS Commerce Training Center

I enjoyed the variety of teaching styles incorporated into this tutorial; from hands-on, to lecture, to comic reels, it kept my attention. Thank you for putting this together, and making so it can be revisited by topic as needed.

- Brad

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Our Retail Partners

Training Center is an on-demand learning platform that is home to an ever-expanding library of training content specific to your relationship with SPS Commerce and your trading partner community.

You must be an SPS Commerce customer to receive a Training Center account. It is entirely free to you and any additional users at your company and once enrolled you’ll have access to the courses relevant to your business. In addition to product specific coursework, the Training and Education team works with retailers and suppliers to create specialized courses. Using trading partner feedback we create courses that communicate customizations or requirements specific to that retail community. See some of the retailers we work with below!

Training Styles

Character and instruction videos to watch and learn


Clickable activities to increase learner engagement


Download and read at your own pace


Bite-sized learning improves engagement and retention


Available Public Events

Our trainers offer weekly live webinar sessions related to the courses that you are enrolled in.  Product focused trainings provide you with an overview of how to use our products.   We also offer retailer specific courses that provide a detailed look at your trading partners’ specific forms and requirements.  Log in to register!