SPS Commerce Holiday Preparedness

SPS Commerce Holiday Preparedness
Watch our webinar series on Holiday Preparedness!

Course Outline

Holiday Preparedness Webinars

  1. Week 1 - Getting Started - Video [13:51]
  2. Week 2 - Order Fulfillment and Transportation - Video [10:52]
  3. Week 3 - Return Season - Video [11:42]

About the Course

We here at SPS Commerce want to ensure that you are prepared and ready for the upcoming holiday season by providing you with best practice recommendations surrounding inventory and order management and advice from industry leading experts

This course includes recorded copies of all four of our Holiday Preparedness webinars: 

  • Getting Started –This session provides an introduction to the series and touches on key points for you to consider leading into the holiday season whether you are a retailer or supplier. 
  • Order Fulfillment & Transportation – This session focuses on order management, fulfillment, and transportation best practice for you to consider during the holiday season. 
  • Return Season – This session focuses on holiday returns and steps you can take to ensure the most painless return process for both you and the end consumer. 
  • Creating Efficiencies Within Fulfillment – This session will be the most beneficial to current SPS Commerce customers using the Fulfillment product as it focuses on helping you to maximize efficiencies during the holiday season.